Friday, August 19, 2011

Coming Up for Air....

Well, in our efforts to do our small part to help children in need I'm afraid we're only contributing to the problem of deforestation.  We are drowning in a sea of paperwork here. 

It's something you always hear in, "Oh, there's a lot of paperwork for adoptions." 

What they really mean is..."Open an account with a paper supplier, buy an industrial printer, be prepared to never see your kitchen table again and invest in a lot of bandaids for those paper cuts." 

I mean, who knew that the name of my mom's second aunt twice removed on my grandfather's side's dog would be information that the government would need to have.  Ok, perhaps now I exaggerate...

But, on the up side, I know that each document finished, each copy made and every name signed brings us one papercut closer to our little man!  Whew! 

P.S. Yes, we have a firesafe.  Do you?  We got it as a wedding gift.  I can still remember what my cousin wrote on the card.  "I know this seems like a strange present but we got one for our wedding and were surprised how handy it was."  She was very right.  We've even paid it forward at other weddings.  It keeps all our important stuff like birth certificates, SS cards, etc.  Certainly nothing exciting or valuable to others but would be a pain to replace after a tragedy.  Do people still use safe deposit boxes?  I loved going there as a kid.  It always seemed so secretive and exciting and mysterious.  I guess this is our safe deposit box now.  

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