Friday, April 19, 2013

Life's Mysteries...

How can three little girls be nicely playing around the yard but the second you pull out your Bible..'re surrounded?

How can two sisters fight loudly all afternoon and then when you come around the corner... remember the bonds of sister-hood always overpower any struggle over a silly toy?

How can you lament in the day about your "baby" being too grown up and then when you check on her before bed... realize just how much of your sweet baby she still is?

How can a baby doll stroller....
...provide such joy?

How can a scary encounter with the road...
...remind you just how lucky you are for your child's health and the comfort of her daddy's arms?

How can a bathtub full of glow bracelets and the lights off... an hour of uninterrupted play?

How can a little girl in a flapper dress...
...make you wish you had lived in the 1920's so much?

How can two kids from such different lives.... brought together as though they've been siblings forever?

How can I not be the least bit interested in a basketball game on TV...
...but when it means moving it outside with great friends and great food I'm suddently a HUGE basketball fan?   : )

Keep me posted if you come up with any answers!

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