Monday, January 14, 2013

The Family That Bowls Together...

...uses lots of hand disinfectant together.

Oh oops. I mean, has lots of fun together.

We've been getting pretty good at Wii Bowling lately. And so, it only made sense that we would take our incredible *athletic* abilities to the general public and put our virtual skills to the test.

No surprise, we were spectacular inspiring pro-level average.
We did have fun and even pulled a couple strikes out.

This one did a lot of practice walking.

This one thought every turn should be her roll.

Have you ever watched a child's ball go down the alley?
I'm pretty sure we could have done an entire 10 frames of wii bowling in the time it took her ball to get down there.

Z bowls with a lot of flair. Read: spastic actions.

Great way to spend an evening.
Although, I will continue to claim my wii high score as my real bowling high.
You know, the next time I'm in a bowling score bragging conversation.


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