Sunday, July 14, 2013

River Fest

Since I'm still playing some catch up these are more from the beginning of summer. The River Festival is a week-long party at a local town full of fun. Typically I just go on the last day for the fireworks. That is usually enough to quench my people-watching, pronto-pup eating, porta-potty using desires for one year. This year, however, a friend talked me into going with her and three of her kids to the "Kids-Fest" area for an afternoon.

Two adults, 8 kids...guaranteed to be great fun.
(please re-read that sentence with much sarcasm in your voice)

It actually was fun. It was big enough to keep the kids busy without being overwhelming to me. Win-Win.

We brought our own food to avoid waiting in line for the "carny" food and found a spot in the shade.

Why does it look like there are about 20 kids in this picture? 

Then we hit up the bounce houses...

I LOVE watching these two grow as friends. 

It took B a while to get up the courage to go in but once she did she was hard to get out!

Watched a magician while waiting to get a balloon animal. Or, in our case, an airplane and flower.

And then grabbed a shaved ice before heading out. I'm a sucker for ice with sugar and artificial flavoring poured over it. Shhh....don't tell my Pinterest board. It thinks I'm an incredibly healthy eater.

Proof that A was grown in my heart and not in my womb is that she DOES NOT like sweets! I gave her a spoonful to try and she promptly opened her mouth and pushed it out with her tongue all over herself. The girl doesn't like ice cream, cookies, brownies....anything wonderfully yummy! : ) I suppose I shouldn't complain and should take a lesson from her!
B, on the other hand, will bite your hand if you try to take that cup away one second before she gets every last drop.
She may have gotten that from me. 

Big Z is one of the most nurturing attentive little boys. He happily shares with his sisters and is always cheering them up.God gave him a loving heart.

It was a great day at the River Fest. And, the fireworks ended up being delayed because of rain so we didn't get to enjoy them this year so I was glad we had been a couple days before!

Would it really be a River Fest picture without dumpsters and large trucks in the background?
And apparently only A and I got the memo on where the camera was. Sigh. Close enough. 

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