Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Fun

Here's our attempt at getting a picture of our Halloween girls this year...

So...not so successful. But darn cute!  : )  B was much more interested in the leaves around her. A was much more interested in throwing leaves at T. Although I may be biased, I'm fairly sure that there isn't a cuter Dorthy, bumble bee and Blueberry Muffin out there.

We actually had a couple different Halloween events to go to. The first was a party at our church called Pumpkins and Pancakes. Our college students put on a great event in the gym full of games and candy. Then, the small group that Derek and I are blessed to be part of put on a pancake feed. It was a beautiful evening and we had a lot of fun.

A couple months ago Taryn and her best friend had picked a costume. Then, just before Halloween, the girls got to searching through the tubs of past costumes. They each decided they wanted something different. I was in love with the original costume so the little girls wore it to this event.....

Makes me smile. A friend whose two girls are 4 months apart (A and B are 7 months apart) asked me if the back said "worst enemies".  Ha! Said like a mom who understands.  : )

On Halloween day the kids (we have a foster son who is also in Kindergarten right now) had parties at school. I got to go and watch their parade and class parties.

In the evening we stuck close to home and trick-or-treated in our neighborhood, down Main street, and at a couple churches on our block. It was a great evening!


What a great Halloween! Now, to find something to do with the obscene amount of candy we have!

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